I hitchhiked to (nanananana) Batman as I found a couch there via Couchrail (Facebook group for Couchsurfing in turkey). I wanted to visit Hasankeyf which is 30km south of Batman. When I arrived I heard my couch has changed to another person in a small village close to Hasankeyf: Gercüş. My host picked me up in Batman and we went back south to Gercüş.

My host in Gercüş owned the villages "Kültür Cafe" with internet café, Playstations and lots of tea. We played some PES and TEKKEN and I met some former PKK members with whom I had good discussions about "Kurdistan", Erdoğan and capitalism. Eventually the gifted me a kurdish ring and Keffiyeh (kurdish scarf) and gave me a kurdish name, "Bahoz", as they couldn't remember my european name.

At the day I arrived in Gercüş, Kobanı was liberated from Işid (turkish name for Isis), which was followed by lots of celebrations all over the kurdish areas with fireworks and life music until late in the night (about 21:00).

  • PES after dinner

  • Some local folks, they gave me my Kurdish name: Bahoz

The next day me and the cousin of my host, went for a day trip to Hasankeyf. Hasankeyf is a old kurdish city which will be submerged soon when the new dam is finished.

In Gercüş we went to a Çay Cafe, a place where there's only men playing Tabla and Okey, a game similar to Rommee. I was taught Okey and played a round (7 games) with some locals. At these places you always play for the tea bill which isn't getting to expensive as one tea costs about 10 Eurocents.

  • Hasankeyf

  • Hüseyins cousin, Sedat, and me above Hasankeyf

  • Muuuhh

  • A turkish tea house: Playing Tabla and Okey - no women allowed!