I went on a spontaneous weekend trip to the Turkish Highline Carnival in Geyikbayiri, a small climbing village in the mountains close to Antalya. I was asked by a friend, I met in a bar if I want to join her with the trip. After about three week of Istanbul I could escape the city and bad weather to get some nature and sun so I joined her and we took a 12 hours bus ride to Antalya.

The people in our camp were mainly climbers, highliners and jugglers. A good mix of international and local people which made it a very nice experience. We climbed up to the highlines, watched them to their thrill and walked along a small river to get our own thrill by jumping into the cold water. We also joined a demonstration against the plans of turning the beautiful nature and climbing area into a huge mine.

  • Finally back in nature :)

  • Highlining

  • Highlining and climbing

  • Me being happy