Lao is a lovely country with very friendly and open inhabitants. In the mountains there's the Hmong people who live in small villages in close communities with their neighbors and animals. Most people in Lao can't speak a word english or any other language we understand except for body language.

One day we ended up in some random mountain village without any guest houses or hotels. So we looked for the biggest house and asked with simple sign language if they could offer us a bed. As there was no atm and our Kips ran out we were practically without money. Luckily there was a travelling business man who could help us out by exchanging some of our Dollars to Kips. Eventually we had money to pay for our bed in a silent Hmong mountain village.

  • He's smoking strong tobacco in a bamboo bong

With exception of some tourist spots in Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, there's no night life. People go to bed when it gets dark and they get up very early in the morning. We were very lucky that the Tubing has been closed down one month before we arrived in Vang Vieng so we could enjoy the nature and culture without too much tourist disturbance.

  • Bungalows in Vang Vieng

As we couldn't communicate very precise with the local people, it was nearly impossible to express what kind of food we wanted to eat. At most places there was hardly any selection anyways, the common food was some kind of animal meat and intestine soup. Rice with fried vegetables was another widely available dish. My favorite one in Lao was fried rice noodles with fried morning glory.

  • Deep fried insects

  • Ricenoodles with fried morning glory, my favorite laotian dish