Lots of people asked me, why I decided to travel Georgia and Turkey in winter. They thought it's a bad idea, because they have this picture of sunny beaches in their head when they think of turkey. After most of my travels, I can conclude that it was a good decision (I had to think longer to come up with disadvantages than for the advantages):

First the most obvious one, it's colder in winter. The main disadvantage I can see there, is that my backpack is slightly heavier because of winter clothes. The advantages though are a lot bigger: It's not extremely hot and there are no mosquitoes.

There are way less tourists, that's a big advantage as it makes the contact with locals a lot easier and it also makes the whole trip about half as expensive as it would be in the summer season.

Now to sports, it's not as much fun to go swimming and there's no open diving bases. But you can go skiing and most of the time it's warm enough for hiking without too much sweating and water carrying. Sometimes it is too much snow for anything but drinking wine, but in summer it can also be too hot to go out of the house, I would call this one a draw.

The selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is smaller in winter, but that's also the same at home and I prefer the vegetables of my CSA project I get in summer over the "natural" Monsanto vegetables you get in turkey.

  • Skiing in Gudauri

  • Swimming in the black sea