When I arrived in Diyarbakır, my host changed again. I stayed in the most dirty flat I've ever been to. My host was a bit of a sociopath, always talking to his "angels". His flat was close to a park where there was once again celebrations for the liberation of Kobanı with fireworks and life music.

Well it fitted good to the image I got of the former capital of "Kurdistan". It's a rough and dirty city, lots of destroyed houses by earthquakes and fights. The old city is surrounded by an old city wall which is so huge it houses many small cafés and shops.

  • ..a tea café on top..

  • Lots of broken houses

The police was not using normal police cars, they are only present in water guns and tank like cars. Additionally there was lots of military with helicopters, tanks and heavy armed soldiers all around the city. It didn't give me a feeling of being at a save place at all.

Syrian refugees were at every street corner and were living in coal heated tents in the parks and green spots of the city.

  • A typical police car in Diyarbakır

  • Celebrations for the liberation of Kobanî‎