A friend of mine recommended me this festival some time ago. Even though he could not come himself, it was worth to go alone. The club "Aquarius", which was the venue of the festival, is located directly next to the sea with a beautiful stoney beach and a nice pine forest campsite. Around the corner was a second, quiet nudist beach featuring the best sunset of Komiza.

I arrived two days before the festival, so I could go for two dives in the sea: One at a underwater steep face and one in the wrack "Tetti" featuring rich sea life and giant eels.

The festival itself had good djs, even though the music repeated a little bit, after three days. But the most significant detail was the people. It was my family for some days. A very international family from all over Europe, Australia and South America. I hope we will see each other again, maybe next year on Goulash Disko 2014!