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Posted Mon, 31 Dec 2012 01:52:43 GMT Hacking Hamburg Technology
The 29C3 (the 29th Chaos Communication Congress) this year took place in Hamburg after some years in Berlin.
It was a colourful mix of technical, social, political and cultural (arts) topics.

My favorite lectures this year (The numbers should help to find the talk in the recordings folder):
  • Die Wahrheit, was wirklich passierte und was in der Zeitung stand (5181): Analysis of the german language and its use to manipulate the reader and why language is never neutral
  • New Human Interfaces for Music (5134): Fancy handmade instruments (midi)
  • FactHacks - RSA factorization in the real world (5275): The maths behind RSA and how easy 1024 bit RSA is crackable these days
  • Sind faire Computer möglich? (5121): Analysis whether fair computers are possible (like fairtrade products)
  • Milking the Digital Cash Cow (5393): Mifare rfid cash card security analysis
  • Fnord-Jahresrückblick (5198): Famous news show by Fefe and Frank

  • SolarRoboFlower. Image curtesy of

  • Kombucha. Image from wikipedia.

Workshops I attended:
  • Lock picking: The art of opening a lock
  • SMT soldering: Soldering with an oven with reflow technique
  • Brewing probiotic beverages: Creating healthy drinks with Kambucha and Kefir
  • Robo Solar Flower soldering: We soldered an electric flower which follows the major light source 
The whole congress center was warmly decorated with lots of lights and creative construction. I will definitly attend 30C3!

Blogging about my south east asia trip

Posted Tue, 11 Dec 2012 14:49:36 GMT Traveling

It's now some time ago since I was traveling in south east asia, but I promised to write an english language blog about the trip. I posted some stories and pictures today, if you want more details and pictures, please comment!

My new blog

Posted Mon, 10 Dec 2012 22:24:58 GMT Technology

Initially I just wanted to have a small blog for my travel pictures. But as most blog software I tried is a pain in the ass, I wrote my own blog software. It is based on NodeJS, CouchDB and some node libraries. The Interface is made with Twitter bootstrap and some CSS magic.

My blog engine has two big advantages over Wordpress: Speed and simplicity. There's 5 different kind of "segments" which can be used to form a blog post: Text, html, images, thumbnails (images in a grid) and http links.

Furthermore all images are always visible in a nice lightbox and it is possible to attach binary files to a blog post.

All data related to a blog post are stored in a single CouchDB document. This leads to easy data management and very fast response times.

When I come up with a good name for my little blog engine I will make it available as open source project on Github.

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