The 29C3 (the 29th Chaos Communication Congress) this year took place in Hamburg after some years in Berlin.
It was a colourful mix of technical, social, political and cultural (arts) topics.

My favorite lectures this year (The numbers should help to find the talk in the recordings folder):
  • Die Wahrheit, was wirklich passierte und was in der Zeitung stand (5181): Analysis of the german language and its use to manipulate the reader and why language is never neutral
  • New Human Interfaces for Music (5134): Fancy handmade instruments (midi)
  • FactHacks - RSA factorization in the real world (5275): The maths behind RSA and how easy 1024 bit RSA is crackable these days
  • Sind faire Computer möglich? (5121): Analysis whether fair computers are possible (like fairtrade products)
  • Milking the Digital Cash Cow (5393): Mifare rfid cash card security analysis
  • Fnord-Jahresrückblick (5198): Famous news show by Fefe and Frank

  • SolarRoboFlower. Image curtesy of

  • Kombucha. Image from wikipedia.

Workshops I attended:
  • Lock picking: The art of opening a lock
  • SMT soldering: Soldering with an oven with reflow technique
  • Brewing probiotic beverages: Creating healthy drinks with Kambucha and Kefir
  • Robo Solar Flower soldering: We soldered an electric flower which follows the major light source 
The whole congress center was warmly decorated with lots of lights and creative construction. I will definitly attend 30C3!